Outage - 27th February 2014

We are currently investigating problems, since approx 8.45am, with all of our external servers (all of our servers not hosted at our Bargoed office).

This affect the following Eqwebs Limited servers

  • ns.eqwebs.co.uk, IP
  • ns8.eqwebs.com, IP
  • ns9.eqwebs.com, IP
  • mailwasher22, IP
  • mailwasher23, IP
  • Mail Filter, IP


09:10 We are advised that a serious fibre problems at an associated data centre has taken down all communications with the data centre housing our servers. The problem is being worked on but as yet we have no timescale for it to be fixed.

11:30 We are advised that a hardware fibre amplifier, owned by SSE, located at Telehouse North, Docklands, London, has failed. Engineers are on site working on the problem, but we still have no timescale. It has been noticed that several data centres located in the Cheltenham area are down. There are, presumably, other data centres, at other locations, currently down.

11:58 A part is on its way to Telehouse North!

15:10 All systems are now back on-line.

23:20 An email received from our upstream provider reads:

At 8:45 GMT today a fault occurred on a WDM (Wavelength-division multiplexing) fibre circuit that runs from Telehouse North London to Saxon House Cheltenham.

It was identified at 10:30 GMT that an amp associated circuit located in Telehouse North was faulty and was replaced at 15:00 GMT. Connectivity was restored shortly thereafter at 15:03 GMT. We are still awaiting a full RFO (Reason for outage) from SSE Telecom, the upstream connectivity provider and from Saxon House.

We would like to thank you for your patience, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.