Outage - 20th March 2020

We are currently investigating problems, since approx 2.56am, with our servers located at the Cheltenham data centre.

All online services to the Cheltenham Data Centre owned and manage by Safehosts Ltd appeared to be down but are now back online but with occasional brief outages


08.04am We are unable to communicate directly with the Data Centre online or by phone.

08.39am Full service restored to all servers
On ispection of the server log file it is noted that all servers have been fully powered up and running during the outage. It is therefore assumed that there was a network outage afecting connectivuty to the data centre.

12.20pm There have been several brief outages of service since 08.39am. Having spoken to a member of staff at Cheltenham, it appears that there is a connectivity problem between the Cheltenham Data Centre and the Safehosts facility at Telehouse, London. Mr Stuart Willet, Technical Director, Safehosts Ltd., has personally travelled from Cheltenham to Telehouse, London to facilitate a solution to the problems. Safehosts will provide us with a report once the situation is fully resolved.

4.41pm Notes as published by Safehosts Ltd
As you are aware, we had connectivity issues from 02:50 to 15:17 on 20th March 2020.
The issues are now fully resolved. We are now making a full investigation and will have an RFO ready by Monday.