Server Outage - 8th November 2015

We are currently investigating problems with server [].

This server appears to have been the subject of a DDOS attack since about 11.30pm yesterday, which completely overloaded the system, stopping, amongst other things, the ability to serve web pages. There is no sensitive data stored on this server.

This morning we worked remotely on the server, which is housed at a Cheltenham data center, and managed to unload most of the system overload but could not restart the web server function. We remotely rebooted the server at approx 10.15am  but the server has not responded since.

Cobalt Support, who manage the servers at the Cheltenham Date Center for us have been working remotely on the server since 10.40am and they have identified the problem but are unable to fix the problem remotely. A specialist service engineer has been despatched to Cheltenham, so that he can work directly on the server.


The server was sucessfully restarted at approx 12.45